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Balancing the books and loving life! Kenyon Services. The Happy QuickBooks Girl. in Franklin, TN


My story

I woke up one morning and decided I didn't want to feel that way anymore.

 So I changed. 

I have been spending my days immersed in QuickBooks since it was only Quicken. That's more than 20 years! 

One day I realized that I loved being a really good bookkeeper, but I loved even more working with amazing people who love life and want to thrive with balance and happiness.

The Happy QuickBooks Girl was born. I love my work - I love helping entrepreneurs set the stage for success. I love managing growth and customizing business to suit individuals. I love bookkeeping! But I also love my family and my time on my yoga mat and hiking and reading and volunteering. That is the life balance I help my clients achieve.

Here's what I have to offer

Whether you're ramping up, growing, shrinking or reorganizing, I'm your girl for:

QuickBooks Set Up: Desktop or online, setting your QB up properly is, pardon the cliché, just like the foundation of a house. Start with a planned, accurate and organized set of beginning books and you'll always have that to come back to and build on.

QuickBooks Clean Up: OK, maybe you've gotten past the set up, maybe by a month or maybe by years, and found that things are a little tangled. I'm here to help untangle those books, get things back to right. And don't worry if your foundation is cracked - I can help with that, too!

QuickBooks Catch Up: It happens to the best of us. Life. Growth. Road blocks. They happen and we get behind. Have no fear, the Happy QuickBooks Girl is here. I'm faster than a speeding bullet and can leap mounds of receipts and banks statements in a single bound! I'll get you caught up in no time.

QuickBooks Maintenance: Don't want to keep up with it yourself? Just say the word. We can work out as much or as little as you need in the way of data entry, reconciliation and other accounting chores.

Other stuff I do and how it works

If you need me, I'm also here for:

  • Payroll services
  • Office organization
  • Sales tax filing
  • Local business tax filing
  • Business set-up
  • Financial report preparation

I look forward to hearing your story! 

Just contact me by email or phone and we can chat about where you are

 and what you need. I'm happy to help with some thoughts from my end if that's all you need for now. 

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